Safe Ministries Policy for Immanuel CRC


The Safe Ministries Team is in place to keep our children safe in a ministry setting here at Immanuel.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer within one of our ministries working with youth, please familiarize yourself with the Safe Ministries policy. This policy applies to all ministries and church activities from nursery up to age 18. Therefore, if you are ever interested in becoming a volunteer for Nursery, Children’s Worship, Cadets, GEMS, Early Teen, Crossroads Senior High, etc, we invite you to follow the steps outlined below.


1. Read the Safe Ministries Policy (below).

2. To apply, please complete and return your application (below) in a sealed envelope to the Safe Ministries mailbox.
3. For more information, search the denomination website and type: “Safe Church Ministries”.
All approved members are eligible to serve in any of Immanuel’s Children and Youth Ministries.Thank you for your willingness to make Immanuel a safe place for children to grow and mature in their faith.
The Safe Ministries Team


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